Monday, January 30, 2012

Poetic Science Goethe Mix Tape


  1. Credits:
    Performance/Lyrics/Editing: Matt Kline
    Camera: Kelly Bracha
    Original beat: Shook Ones Pt. 2 by Mobb Deep


    Hey Newton, your problem is this:
    You're only using data that support your hypothesis,
    You're too empirical, dependent on numbers,
    My mode is lyrical, pointing out your scientific blunders,
    It's no wonder, that haters aren't respectin' me,
    "You're a poet, you can't see things objectively",
    These chumps are looking at my vocab, besmirching me,
    Sure I'm a poet, but I'm in the lab researching things,
    It's like everything I touch turns to gold you see
    But I'll leave that to Newton and his alchemy,
    A duel threat when I pick up the mic and spit,
    I'm a little bit Romantic AND Enlightenment,
    And I know my raps are frightenin',
    Light n' color isn't all that I'm writin' bout,
    But it's important no doubt,
    And when it comes to prisms, I respect em,
    On the edge of light and dark is where I see the spectrum,
    You can expect that I'll inspect
    Every last little speck of data 'til I drop dead or hear haters
    Begin to accept, the possibility my theories is serious,
    And if they don't then they're delirious

  2. Haha Vanessa your video of Goethe playing ukulele is at the top of the suggested videos list on the page for my video.