Friday, March 30, 2012

Brain Dissection

Today in class we had the pleasure of dissecting and observing the brain of sheep. Needless to say, it was interesting and gave study of the brain a whole new perspective. Just as we had spoken about during a visit to the Anatomy Lab, hands on experience is debated by many - some argue the need to do real dissections in order to learn anatomy while others find other methods (books, virtual dissections, etc) suffice just as well. Personally, I find hands on dissections on real corpses/organs necessary to truly understand anatomy and prepare oneself for say medical school. Understanding the texture, the true size, color, and the imperfections of the body is important and can only be gained through dissecting a real body.

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  1. What surprised me with the brain dissection was how difficult it was to get out of the skull. Amanda and I got the brain out of the cranial cavity rather quickly, but it took much effort to cut the film covering the brain off, peel pack the skull, pull off the nasal passages, and cut out the spinal cord without damaging the brain itself. I feel that learning this would have been impossible without the hands on experience of actually dissecting the skull. Diagrams of the skull and brain do not teach anyone how tough it is to remove the brain from the skull, they don't show you the textures of the different parts of the brain, and when you actually dissect a brain you can impress all of your friends with the pictures!

  2. I also found it quite surprising how difficult it was to remove the brain from the skull. In the brain and skull combo I was working on, a small chunk of the skull was easy to remove, but that was due to a crack in the skull. This was the only easy piece of bone to remove. It took great effort to remove addition skull, and in the process, much of the cerebrum was damaged. Despite the fact that the brain was damaged, it allowed me to greater notice the importance of the skull for the brain. The skull is there to protect that brain, a very tender, delicate organ. This also shows how important the brain is. If it was not as important, I believe that the skull would have been easier to break through.